What is Liqaa?

“Liqaa” is a fully integrated online meetings management platform which digitizes meeting experiences in line with international best practices.

Liqaa offers a range of services supported by the latest technologies to enhance the experience of attending and organizing meetings and conducting productive discussions within a safe and interactive digital space. The new platform will provide livestream AGM, earning calls and IPO meetings, help event organizers register shareholders or attendees, provide live chat and Q&A sessions, branding, and translation services.

  • Secure log-in features for authenticated user access
  • Greater transparency during AGMs
  • Organizing Q&A sessions
  • Instant translation services for more than 10 languages
  • Meeting reports and recordings are accessible during and post-meetings
  • The platform is accessible via all devices

Who we serve?

All issuers, investors, stakeholders, and capital market institutions can benefit from Liqaa platform and its services.